Custom software for the insurance sector

Mayday Group Case Study:
Business-specific software focusing on medical assistance, claims adjudication, and repatriation services

Project Overview

Services Provided

Claims handling processes, repatriation workflows, access control for external parties, API, reporting, customer-facing claims portal

A little bit about the Mayday Group

The Mayday Group comprises of three specialities of work:

  • Medical Assistance - a continuous 24/7/365 emergency service dedicated to providing a multilingual assistance service to travellers in need of medical attention
  • Travel Claims - back-end claims handling for claimants who require reimbursement of out-of-pocket expenses or are eligible for other benefits under their policy
  • Repatriation Services - a skilled team led by Dr Jon Sen comprising of specialist paramedics and acute care nurses available to ensure a safe repatriation of clients.

To provide their services and comply with insurance regulations, they have specific workflows with many moving parts, a large team in multiple countries, and numerous cases ongoing at once, at all hours of the day.

The Solution

Switchplane has been working with the Mayday Group since 2017 to build custom software to help streamline their internal business processes.

When the Mayday Group first approached us, the business was growing rapidly and the existing claims management system was struggling. They were looking for:

  • Scalability, allowing the business to continue to scale up efficiently
  • The ability to respond to change
  • Access anywhere, on any device, by any authorised person
  • Improved reporting, for better strategic decisions
  • Implementation of one system for all departments.

As it stands, the custom software we have built touches upon most areas of the business including medical, assistance, claims, medical reviews, repatriation, finance, and compliance. It also has APIs enabling it to interact with external systems. The software continues to evolve as business needs change.

Claims handling processes

We have created a comprehensive claims handling process which allows claims handlers to have oversight of the insurance policy, insurers, the claim details, and assign tasks to staff members to complete. The process includes full audit logs and allows necessary compliance tasks to be completed alongside the claim.

Repatriation workflows

Repatriation in itself has many moving parts: the person to be repatriated in a medical situation, plus their accompanying parties, and if necessary, a medical escort, as well as luggage and any medical equipment which may be required.

The repatriation system allows all of the people, legs of the journey, and medical equipment to be managed from one central place. It also incorporates documents and statements needed from other medical parties or travel companies within the workflow. This workflow also includes some automated emails to external parties, streamlining the process for the operations team.

Access control for external parties

For the approval of some claims and budgets, external insurance underwriters are granted access to view particular elements on a claim that are relevant to them. They have their own dashboards with claims to review, facilitating the speed at which decisions can be made.

Internally, there are also different access levels, depending on a staff member's role in the business. This means that personal information can be stored securely and it also helps with GDPR and regulatory compliance.


We have created multiple API endpoints for the system, enabling externally-generated claims to be managed by Mayday Group staff. The API endpoints allow systems to 'talk' to one another and transfer data between them.

Customer-facing claims portal

We have created a customer-facing website enabling claims to be submitted directly to Mayday's system, thereby eliminating the need for certain paper forms and speeding up the processing time for claims.

The portal has been built in such a way that it can be white-labelled. Ultimately this means that the service can be included within claims handling packages for other onward corporate clients.


The custom software that we have created contains numerous reports, from the insurance sector-specific bordereau and underwriter reports through to a variety of data analysis to help inform business decisions.

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