Before and After Comparisons

Take a look at the following before and after comparisons of websites we’ve built.

Dynamic Scaffolding

We redesigned the Dynamic Scaffolding website in 2015. The old website was put together very quickly and cheaply when their company was founded and was not doing them any favours.


  • Outdated and unchanged for 7 years, giving the wrong impression.
  • Obvious use of stock photography which users do not trust.
  • No clear statement of purpose to describe the company in under 5 seconds.


  • Modern website with a clean layout and easy navigation.
  • Photography of real jobs builds trust and demonstrates expertise.
  • Clear statement of purpose, with quick summary of the key selling points.

Woodbase Joiners

Woodbase Joiners wanted a complete website redesign to start bringing in the right clientele. Visitors to the previous site often mistook Woodbase for a small company working on small jobs, resulting in poor quality leads. We updated their website to showcase their craftsmanship and demonstrate their capability for delivering the highest quality bespoke joinery for premium homes.


  • Visitors to the website thought Woodbase were a small firm working on small jobs.
  • Poor, low resolution photography making their work look bad.
  • Poor quality sales leads.


  • Updated image clearly reflects a bigger firm working on premium projects.
  • Professional photography showcasing their amazing work.
  • Higher quality sales leads.

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