Digital Account Management and Support

Once your website is up and running, we’re here to help with any queries you may have. You’ll also get a monthly digital briefing with an industry update plus a report on your website’s performance including suggestions for improvement.

We suggest that clients pre-authorise a monthly budget for updates, as this allows us to turn around work quicker and at a keener price.

How do we handle day-to-day updates and requests?

  • You can phone or email your requests.
  • Every request that we receive is logged onto our management system called Helm. This keeps everything is organised and ensures we don’t miss anything.
  • We’ll then provide an estimate of cost and turnaround for your approval. Complicated requests may require a production meeting to establish the exact requirements.
  • Following approval, the request is handed over to the production team.
  • Once completed, each request is reviewed by a technical lead before being put live for your sign-off.

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