Website Hosting and Email Provision

We have built our own hosting platform from the ground up, using the Amazon Web Services cloud-computing infrastructure. It’s much better than using consumer-grade hosting as we retain full control - we get the highest quality whilst benefiting from the scalability and reliability of the cloud.

We don't directly offer email hosting - instead we would recommend one of the main cloud email providers such as Google Apps for Work, MS Office 365 or Amazon WorkMail.

What happens if the website goes down or crashes?

We often hear stories about other companies where the website has gone down - the hosting company blames the web designer, and the web designer blames the hosting company!

With us, you’re only dealing with one company so you won’t get bounced around if there are any problems - clearly it’s our responsibility to provide good technical support and fix it.

That said, our systems very rarely go down. We have server monitoring in place which warns us as soon as there is a problem and we are usually able to resolve issues before they escalate to a server crash.

How we use Amazon Web Services

  • DNS is running on Route 53.
  • HTTP services are on Apache within Linux EC2 instances.
  • Database services run on RDS with MySQL.
  • We use Cloudfront as a Content Delivery Network for static resources such as images, CSS, and JS files.
  • Outbound transactional and marketing email is provided by SES, with bounce and complaint handling via the SQS service.
  • CloudWatch monitoring keeps an eye out for problems with the above.

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