Google Analytics and Reporting

Google Analytics is an excellent tool for monitoring your website’s performance - particularly conversion rate. Remember, the goal is to generate leads and orders to increase revenue, in addition to looking pretty.

A common problem with Google Analytics is that the amount of information can be overwhelming and difficult to understand. Our job is to help interpret the data and find opportunities for improvement.

Here are a few examples of how Google Analytics can be used as an effective business tool with evidence-based design.

Traffic Analysis

This gives us an overall picture of traffic to the website, whether it’s increasing or decreasing, and whether there are any regular peaks or troughs. In this example, the website is very busy in the evening and so we would advise the client to consider extending their opening hours to handle telephone enquiries and also to advertise this on the website.

Device Analysis

This tells us how customers behave using mobile, tablet, and desktop. This allows us to spot problems on particular devices. When a client first comes to us, we often find that mobile performance significantly lags desktop performance - this represents a massive opportunity for improvement. In this example we would advise the client to implement responsive design.

Source Analysis

In the example below, traffic from social media search is not generating much traffic but has a high conversion rate. Since the number of sessions is so low, this could be a statistical anomaly, but since the conversion rate is high we would recommend the client invests some budget into social media in order to test whether it's a viable traffic source.

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