The Importance of Page Speed and Fast Websites

Page speed is very important when it comes to building a website, improving your search engine ranking and increasing your conversion rate.

We use an independent page speed testing company on every website that we build. We test your website monthly and include the outcome in your monthly digital report. Our aim is to exceed a score of 95% at all times, which is why our unique hosting infrastructure and website platform is designed from the ground up for maximum speed.

A note on using WordPress for website design

We don't use WordPress - it’s fine as a cheap entry-level platform but in our experience it does not cope very well with higher specification websites or where there’s a need for customisation. It’s also annoyingly difficult to get a high page speed with WordPress !

If you currently have a WordPress website, then we can port the design and content onto our website platform which would usually be a lower cost option than a complete website redesign.

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