Privacy and Security

You have probably heard the occasional story of an organisation getting hacked, or of an obscure technical problem creating vulnerabilities in software, including the software that runs websites.

We've put a lot of effort into making our website platform as secure as we possibly can to minimise the risk of hacking.

Hosted on AWS

We host everything on the Amazon Web Services cloud computing platform and so we benefit hugely from their infrastructure and experience in security and robustness.

Regular Security Scans

We run regular, independent, security scans looking for potential exploits in our systems. Ecommerce websites in particular are required to be PCI DSS compliant and regular scanning forms part of this.

Regularly Updated

Most problems are exploited when systems are not properly maintained - usually this happens when consumers are left to manage their own hosting and do not apply updates quickly enough. Our systems are regularly updated to apply the latest patches.

Fortunately, most hacking attempts are superficial, using automated tools that are looking for easy targets.

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