The Project Plan from Start to Finish

Most website builds go through the same process. Here is our project structure from start to finish.

Briefing and Estimating

We will take a very comprehensive brief in order to establish your requirements and work out the cost. Typically, we are able to provide a fixed cost for a smaller website build as we have a good understanding of how much time and what skills are required for these projects.

Pre-project Admin

Once you are ready to go ahead with the project, we carry-out the boring but necessary paperwork. You’ll need to pay a deposit before we start work.

Production Planning

This part of the project is to establish a concrete plan for the website build. We create a website map and page plan, and work out some of the technical details such as domain name administration and email setup.

Technical Setup

We will set your website up on our managed hosting platform and configure associated services such as domain names and email. If we are redesigning your website then we will use a temporary domain for you to monitor progress during the project. Otherwise we will use the intended domain with password protection so that you can monitor progress.

Copy and Photography

Good design should follow the content rather than the other way round. If we are providing copy and photography, then this is done here - otherwise we will require you to supply copy and photography before proceeding to the next step. We can provide stock photography and we use a lot of illustrations for icons, menus etc, but we would always recommend using professional photography where possible.


We produce a design based on your brief, copy, and photography. You are able to provide feedback on the design and usually we would expect a few minor revisions. We normally get it right first time, but if you really don’t like the first draft we would design an alternative at no extra cost.

Mark-up, Special Features, and Publishing

This is the main build! We convert the draft designs into the HTML, CSS, and Javascript necessary to make a working web page. We also build any special features such as enquiry forms or video players, etc. Finally, we install everything into our CMS platform and publish all the copy and photography. If we are redesigning an existing website we will use SEO redirects to carry over your search engine results to the new website.


When the website is ready to complete, a senior lead carries out a number of quality assurance checks such as code validation, page speed tests, and device testing to check everything is in order. We then ask you for sign-off and unlock the website.


For a month or so we’ll keep a close eye on the website to make sure everything is running smoothly, and that we are successfully capturing analytics. Thereafter, you will be on our digital account management and support programme. The balance of payment is due within 30 days of launch.

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