Our Values

These are the values that guide our everyday decision making; the way we build our business, interact with others, and develop and grow our team.

Athlete's Mindset

🪒 Occam's razor
Keep everything as simple as possible.

➰ Feedback loops
Actively seek feedback and act upon it quickly to improve.

🎓 Deliberate practice
Relentless focus on eliminating weaknesses and improving strengths.

Pragmatic Optimism

💩 No bullshit
Always acting in good faith, with honesty, openness, and accountability.

📈 Honestly ambitious
Always striving to achieve, without harming others or the planet and celebrating everyone's success.

⚠ Comfortable taking risks
Be bold in taking calculated risks.

Do It Together

🐕 Loyalty
Be loyal to the team, to clients, and to suppliers.

🚆 Enjoy the journey
Find the joy in the discovery.

🤝 Customers as partners
Be part of their team, and grow together.

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