Chalk Eastbourne

We aim to improve the perception of Eastbourne, support young talent, and make recruitment easier.

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Switchplane is the brains behind Chalk Eastbourne, the local community for the digital sector that launched in 2020.

We’ve known for a long time that there’s something special about the town we’re based in. Not only is it located on the beautiful south coast and nestled at the foot of the South Downs, but it’s also a hub for the digital sector.

Watch our video to hear from some of the inspiring voices in our town…

It's a team effort

So many people want the best for the future of our town! We certainly can’t claim to be transforming Eastbourne single-handedly - we’re working as a team of digital businesses to do so.

Everyone we speak to in digital knows Eastbourne could benefit from a change in perception and knows we need to support young talent: both of these aspects will make recruitment easier for digital businesses in the town.

There have been plenty of initiatives to try to make it happen. People are already out there applying their expertise to various schemes to address the pain points in tech, education, and business. We don’t want to duplicate efforts.

Our mission as Chalk Eastbourne is to unite these efforts and ensure that we’re all moving in one direction for digital and for our town

We already have 3000 digital jobs in Eastbourne. Let’s make that 10,000.

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Eastbourne DigiFest is coming

On Friday 22nd September 2023, Chalk Eastbourne will be putting on its first showcase event for the local digital sector. Eastbourne DigiFest celebrates all that is digital in our town. Talks, workshops, tours, an exhibition - we’re going all in!

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