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We are Switchplane: world-class engineering since 2003.

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Our vision is to free up 10,000 hours for each of our clients

We believe what we build should create meaningful change for everyday people.

So whether that's helping you within your business to:

  • Free up time
  • Sell more effectively
  • Improve customer service
  • Improve employee experiences
  • Save lives or provide a social impact of some kind

...then we're here for it.

Like most tech stories, it all started in a garage

Our directors, brothers Joel and Tom Fielder, have grown Switchplane since 2003.

Switchplane is now a successful, well-established SME based in sunny Eastbourne on the UK's south coast.

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Think fast: we're Agile

Our process is at the heart of what we do.

The Agile approach means you'll see feedback loops, bitesize chunks of work, and frequent reviews of priorites.

Everything revolves around our two-week sprint cycles.

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We ❤ our people and the planet

We believe in transparency, accountability, and supporting our people and the planet.

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Our team are the heart of our business

Whilst we're centred around Eastbourne, we work remotely, meaning we can work with anyone, anywhere.

Meet our team

We have three core values

  • Our process: Athlete's Mindset
  • Our attitude: Pragmatic Optimism
  • Our people: Do It Together

Discover our values in more detail

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