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Employees are the heart of any business - and software doesn’t change that.

We aren’t looking to put people out of a job! But custom software and well-trained AI can make work more productive, focused, and pleasant for all who use it.

Imagine a life without complex spreadsheets. Without fighting with your data. Without manually copying and pasting information between systems.

Now imagine what it would be like to open a screen and be able to take immediate action based on the data you see. With accurate information. With the boring bits automated.

That’s what using custom software and AI should be like. It should bring about meaningful change to your employees’ daily lives. And, in turn, to your business.

We’ve worked with many companies to make life that little bit easier. Let’s take a look at some examples.

Workflows, digitised

When we first started working with Jay at Littlewood Fencing, he wanted to solve a headache for staff. Purchase order generation.

It was a slow, spreadsheet-driven process. This meant manual input errors, inconsistencies, and the risk of loss of data.

We worked with Jay to create software for the process. We centralised all data, removed accidental errors, and took away this time-sucking task.

But it didn’t stop there, as the next department had seen what we’d created. They wanted tools to help make their jobs more enjoyable and efficient too. They wanted to focus on the parts of the job they could add value to - and automate anything that could be.

So we rolled out software to address employee needs, little by little. Littlewood now has a central workspace to help the finance team, HR, procurement, health and safety, fencers, and contract managers.

Software for the whole company, helping employees every step of the way.

Read more about our work with Jay in detail.

A smoother ride for motorhome rentals

When Andy at LandCruise Motorhome Hire approached us, his team were reliant on spreadsheets and manual, repetitive tasks. Andy knew there must be an easier way.

There was. We set out to build custom software to make employee lives easier, by:

  • Removing paper-based booking forms. Customers can now complete these in their own portal, rather than returning them by post.
  • Removing vehicle booking and maintenance spreadsheets. This information is now on a central calendar.
  • Preventing customers and phones being left unattended while front desk staff check on vehicle statuses in the workshop. We added vehicle status screens in both locations so staff can see pertinent details at a glance.

…and much more. We’ve taken steps across the company to make every task more enjoyable for the team. Plus the software and app are easy to use, making it easy to train new staff and hire temps in busy periods.

With manual, repetitive tasks automated, employees can specialise in what they do best. Those who love speaking to customers can focus on delivering excellent service. Those who love working with vehicles can do so, friction-free.

Custom software allows employees to play to their strengths.

Read about our work with Andy in more detail.

An app to make recording work a breeze

We’ve worked with Miranda at HiWire Lift Services to make life easier for her and her team.

Miranda had been struggling with site surveys and services. She needed to find and copy advisory notes from past visits onto the latest reports manually. This ensured consistency when repairs hadn’t happened, but it wasn't error-proof. It was a time-consuming job that slowed down getting reports to customers. And delayed invoicing too.

The team also needed an internet signal to fill out report paperwork on Dropbox. As lift engine rooms are typically underground or below concrete, it meant finishing up each visit sitting in a cold van.

Since we’ve been working with Miranda, we’ve taken this pain away. Now, employees have easy-to-fill-out checklists on an app. This means consistency with the initial site survey and later service visits, automatically. No more follow-up work from Miranda needed.

The team can fill out their reports on the go too, thanks to offline mode on the HiWire app. So they can stay near the lift to complete their checks accurately, then sync their reports when they're back online.

Things that should be easy now are. Happy employees.

Read about our work with Miranda in more detail.

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