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If you could free up time in your business, what would that let you do?

Would you spend more time on marketing? Would you hit the golf course? Would you climb a mountain? Would you go back on the tools and do the job you loved in the first place?

Software and AI can help you achieve your goals - business or personal.

Let’s share a few examples with you.

More time to go surfing

We gave Darren at Moody Sewage more time to go surfing. How?

His waste management company was growing and he wanted to stretch further afield. He was spending days every month planning the job schedule for the next month. He knew it must be possible to automate this task and create a logical order for site visits, on a regular schedule.

So we built it. We worked on a job scheduling system to work out the best order to visit each customer. At the press of a button.

Not only has this meant his drivers are more efficient, but it's freed up Darren's time greatly. He can manage the business from Cornwall whilst catching the waves. And the day-to-day management is in the capable hands of his daughter.

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More time to do the work she loves

We gave Miranda more time to go back to the work she loves - lift engineering - rather than dealing with paperwork. How?

Miranda’s lift maintenance and servicing firm was busy with new enquiries. Manually, each new proposal and contract took her an hour to create. It doesn’t sound much, but magnify this to six contracts and you’ve lost a day out on the tools.

We created a template behind the scenes. All Miranda now needs to do is fill out a few text fields, press a button, then send off a PDF. Six contracts went from a day’s work down to six minutes.

This new free time has allowed Miranda to go back to doing the engineering she loves. And generating more income for the business in the process.

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More time to turn over new stock

We gave James and his team time to focus on what matters in the perfume and skincare distribution business: turning that warehouse stock around as quickly as possible.

James often needed to hire staff during busy periods like Christmas. This meant extra overheads, as well as taking key staff out of action to train temps. He knew there must be a way to maximise staff time and make the warehouse more efficient.

There was a way.

We created iOS picking and packing apps to direct the warehouse teams to the best stock locations. It tells them exactly what to pick and pack from the shelves. We made a replenishment app so those locations remain fully stocked. And the goods-in app now makes it quicker to put away newly-arrived items.

All in all, this means maximum efficiency within the team. Staff have clear workflows to follow for each task and it’s really easy to train temp staff if they’re needed.

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