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If your processes in 2024 are not digital-first, your customers and employees will be asking why!

Custom software and AI should be an integral part of your business - after all, if you're not looking at digital improvements, your competitors will be.

At Switchplane, we can support all areas of your business to become more efficient, more customer-friendly, more employee-friendly, and more profit-making.

How we can bring meaningful change to your business

Whether it's digital claims management and underwriting, automatically approving or declining claims based on set criteria, or providing better customer service - Switchplane can help you.

Reporting on your data? We can do that. Financial exports? That too. Ensuring all your data is secure and in one place, ready for interrogation to ensure you're offering the best pricing and products? Yep, not a problem.

And that's not forgetting the possibilities that new AI technology can bring, such as catastrophe modelling, analysis of risk exposures, and vision-based AI to help assess characteristics and damage as part of a claim. AI is here now, it's not tomorrow's world - so you should be thinking about using it efficiently in your sector.

Or perhaps you have a new, revolutionary idea for a product that could diversify your business, or are you looking to find the profit in ever-decreasing margins? We'll create custom software and AI to fit the bill.

Consultancy and implementation

The good news? You don't have to be a tech-whizz to get started. Providing you know the ins and outs of your business, we can either provide you with consultancy on, or work with you throughout, a digital transformation process. You'll come away with a roadmap to getting started or, if you choose to partner with us as your outsourced dev team, we'll work with you hand-in-hand to bring meaningful change to your business.

Get in touch today to discuss how custom software and AI can help transform your business.

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