Breaking down barriers to growth in manufacturing

Is your manufacturing company facing workforce shortages or gaps in skill sets? Vulnerable supply chains and increasing legislative requirements? We can help.

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You, your company, and your people will shape the software we build for you.

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We work with you, human-to-human, to build software that brings about meaningful change in your business. Based in Eastbourne, we build web platforms, smartphone apps, and custom software for owner-managed businesses and SMEs across the UK.

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Industry 4.0 for South East Manufacturing

How innovation can break down the barriers to business growth

As an innovative software development firm, Switchplane is proud to sponsor this session at Eastbourne Digifest.

Come and have a chat with us on Friday 22nd September to discover how custom software can help you to break your barriers to growth.

Through talks and discussion, industry peers and experts explore how Industry 4.0 can drive productivity and opportunities.

Join Paul Hetherington, Paul Cuttell (Viking Pump Hygienic) and Paul Hawes (Kurt J Lesker) to explore how the pressing challenges of workforce gaps, supply chain issues and more can be tackled with innovation.

The workshop starts at 11am on 22nd September at Eastbourne DigiFest (The Welcome Building, Compton Street, Eastbourne, BN21 4BP).

Tickets are under £20 for the entire one-day DigiFest conference, featuring inspiring talks on everything from AI to Cyber Security.