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We harness the power of AI to bring about meaningful change for the humans within your business.

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Is your business AI-ready? If you're not already looking at how AI can help your business, your competitors will be. Now's the time to take action.

Most people will have heard of ChatGPT, the AI chatbot that you can ask questions in human text and expect a human-like response back from. Some people will be using it, and a smaller group of people will be using it in their business.

If you’re in the middle group and like using ChatGPT, then why aren’t you already exploring AI in your business? It might seem new, but AI can help solve your problems.

And we promise you - there's far more to AI than ChatGPT.

AI solutions exist for all businesses

But the right type of AI technology for your business depends on the problem you are trying to solve.

Not all AI comes in the form of natural language processing like ChatGPT. There’s also:

  • Machine learning (entry-level AI, learning about data)
  • Deep learning (like speech recognition, autonomous driving)
  • Computer vision
  • Reinforcement learning (e.g. is this a dog? What about this? And this?)
  • Robotics

…and more. There are lots of types of AI. So instead of figuring out what type of AI you want to implement in your business, be solution-led and think about the results of what you want AI to achieve.

Examples of AI usage in industry

AI can be used to...

  • Improve customer service, with a chatbot that you’ve fed with all your FAQs and knowledgebase. It can answer customer questions pretty effectively and free up human time for bigger, more complex issues.
  • Ensure that personalised campaigns reach the right people at the right time for your sales and marketing teams, based on known data on conversions.
  • Apply computer vision to a production line for circuit boards. AI knows what a healthy-looking circuit board should look like, so it can scan for defects and detect when soldering has gone wrong as it scans the end of the production line - then refer it to a human in case of a problem.
  • Detect fraud and assist with cybersecurity within financial services, as AI is so good at parsing data and drawing conclusions, finding those anomalies.
  • Save lives in healthcare. Blood test results can be run through an AI trained on the right knowledge and tell you what actions you need to take to improve your health.

Within industry, AI can be used across a wide range of applications from supply chain optimisations to robotics and automation, process monitoring to energy management.

Google, for example, is using AI in their data centres to monitor energy usage when cooling their big processors, therefore cutting down on their carbon consumption - a useful tool if looking to reach net zero. It can even be applied to things like worker safety, with a camera monitoring those moving into hazardous areas and warning people if they’re not wearing the correct PPE.

Use AI in your business... right now

AI can help you make informed decisions, streamline operations, and accelerate your growth.

At Switchplane, we’re thrilled to be able to bring the latest AI solutions to every business, no matter how large or small. It all ties in with our ethos of creating meaningful change. Wherever you are on your AI journey, get in touch with us for a consultation on how you can use AI within your business.

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Are you AI-ready?

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Are you AI-ready?