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We are open in what we share about our company, internally and externally.

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We’re not looking to hide anything.

Our clients know exactly what we’re working on - they receive regular updates by email, verbally, and have access to our planning boards to help triage what work is up next.

Everything in our Agile process is designed to ensure our clients have as much information as possible.

Our customers are our partners, after all.

Internally, data is available to the whole team.

We have created a data dashboard which gives all staff access to our key metrics, from revenue and debtors to the number of trees planted.

Codenamed “Holmes”, this dashboard gives information to our whole team. We can all be on the same page when working towards our company’s success.

This includes:

  • Engineering statistics such as our unit test success rate, run duration, and any code sniffer errors and warnings
  • Finance information such as our revenue, debtors, and concentration risk
  • Marketing information like social media stats and our CEO's networking performance
  • Project management data showing where our developer time is spent

…as well as other useful facts, such as how many phone calls we received inside and out of working hours, and when payday falls on a Friday!

And we share information with the wider public too.

We’re pleased to be able to share other relevant metrics with the wider community too. Such as our Ecologi tree count (~7000!) and our B Corp Impact Assessment score (56.6 as of April 2023), which looks at our social and environmental impact.

We hope you’ll find this demonstrated across our website with the vast range of information available, as an example of how we like to be transparent when it comes to working with our clients.


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