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Custom Software
and AI for Construction

Automate your manual processes and accelerate your growth.

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The construction industry typically presents a world of opportunities to automate, or "go digital". With lots of moving people and parts and time-poor management, custom software and AI can help construction companies top out.

Typical pain points

Most construction firms experience similar headaches:

  • Complex job management with people, materials, and regulation
  • Lots of manual processes that leave room for error - within finance teams, timesheets and payroll, health and safety
  • Turning away work because you're too busy - or too tied up with admin to be excelling at what you love
  • Different systems or teams not communicating well with one another
  • Legacy or inefficient processes affecting the ability to scale up and grow the business
  • Poor access to data for making good business decisions

...whereas what you really want are:

  • Streamlined, efficient processes
  • The right people doing the right type of work, effectively, with the information they need
  • Systems to talk to one another
  • Good data and information at your fingertips for better decisionmaking
  • Capacity to grow and manage increasing amounts of work

At Switchplane, we can support all areas of your business to become more efficient, more customer-friendly, more employee-friendly, and more profit-making.

How we can bring meaningful change to your business

With software that works for you and AI harnessed effectively for your needs, we know that digital improvements can help your business to succeed.

What does this mean tangibly to your business on a daily basis? Well, for other construction firms we've built a variety of custom software features that have helped them go digital. Such as:

  • Health and safety reporting, including automatic calculation of HAVS
  • Training and certification management, with expiry dates and re-certification processes
  • Job management, ensuring people and plant are where they should be at the right time
  • Timesheet submissions via mobile, to speed up and improve accuracy of payroll
  • Daily checks on vehicles and on sites
  • HR systems to manage staff on-and offboarding
  • Integrations with financial accounting systems
  • Easy PO generation and automated invoice matching
  • Quote-generation tools to speed up new incoming work, and sign off with digital signatures
  • Energy tracking and usage monitoring to support Net Zero reporting

And with a well-trained AI harnessed successfully on top, this new (yet attainable) technology could help with predictive workforce planning, identifying critical skills gaps, forecasting energy usage, predicting when plant may need servicing or repair, projecting timelines, costs and risks for jobs - the opportunities are endless.

In short... anything is possible to makes your job easier.

Consultancy and implementation

The good news? You don't have to be a tech-whizz to get started. If you know the ins and outs of your business (or can speak to people who do!), we can provide you with consultancy on, or work with you throughout, a digital transformation process. You'll come away with a roadmap to getting started or, if you choose to partner with us as your outsourced dev team, we'll work with you hand-in-hand to bring meaningful change to your business.

Get in touch today to discuss how custom software and AI can help transform and grow your business.

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