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Great customer service is what keeps people coming back - so it’s worth making it a positive experience.

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What does excellent customer service mean in your business?

Is it knowing who’s calling before you pick up the phone? Having clear records of their last interaction with you? Clear information about what your product and service does (or doesn’t) do?

Perhaps it means providing your customer with more tools to help them better experience your product.

Or helping customers to not have to speak to you - we all know how much millennials hate phone calls!

Whether your vision of improved customer service lies with giving more power to your team or directly to the customer, we build custom software and harness the power of AI to help you.

Here are some examples of work we’ve done that has improved our clients’ customer service.

Insurance claims settled quickly

“Positive customer experience” and “insurance company” aren’t often phrases that go hand-in-hand. We’ve been working with two firms in the insurance sector to change that.

For Craig at the Mayday Group, we’ve built a platform for his team to manage claims and repatriations in one place. Customers receive swift overseas support as all claim, health, and travel information is on hand to those who need it.

For Hassan at the underwriter ERGO, we’ve built customer-focused workflows to make insurance claims a dream. Rail and pet customers can make claims via end-to-end digital journeys.

We've automated some processes in their entirety, giving policyholders an instant decision. In others, we've put steps in place to improve workflows so policyholders don't have to put in the hard work. No more sitting on the phone waiting for a call centre to answer.

Simple customer processes in complex businesses.

Read more about our work with Craig and Hassan in detail.

Trouble-free trips

Gone are the days of calling for a cab. We've worked with Victor at British Airport Transfers to give his customers a better private hire experience. We built him Uber, before Uber existed!

We built him a clever quoting system allowing customers to add any UK address, landmark or hotel to get an accurate journey cost in advance. Passengers can choose their vehicle type, stop-off points and luggage requirements. They're also able to see their driver’s location in advance of arrival. Then log back in to rebook frequent trips.

We’ve also worked with Andy at LandCruise Motorhome Hire to improve service to his customers.

Ahead of the rental, customers automatically receive useful tips and relevant motorhome information. They also have access to a portal to add optional extras and personal information in their own time.

Thanks to the custom software, travellers can also expect fantastic service on arrival. Connected office and workshop software gives the whole team visibility on vehicle preparations, checks, and statuses.

There’s no waiting around while the team walk across the yard to check on your vehicle. They know where it is, and who you are, from the minute you step over their threshold.

Travel made easy.

Read about our work with Victor and Andy in more detail.

A self-serve payment portal

We’ve worked with Georgie at Moody Sewage to build a self-serve customer payment portal.

Changes in card regulations came into force and Georgie needed a new way to take repeat customer payments. As costs can vary, direct debit wasn’t the preferred solution.

We created a portal allowing customers to log in and pre-authorise a bank card for work carried out. They can update and amend card details as necessary, and can address alerts if a payment hasn’t gone through.

Customers benefit by being able to manage payment details at a time that suits them. No need to contact the office to settle their balance.

Future work will also add service and tankering history to the portal. It will become a one-stop shop for all customer service enquiries. Giving consistency and flexibility to the customer as part of the service.

Read about our work with Georgie in more detail.

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