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Industry 4.0 for South East Manufacturing

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As an innovative software development firm, Switchplane was proud to sponsor this manufacturing-focused session at Eastbourne Digifest on Friday 22nd September 2023.

Through talks and discussion, industry peers and experts explored how Industry 4.0 can drive productivity and opportunities.

Paul Hetherington (Vistage UK), Paul Cuttell (Viking Pump Hygienic) and Paul Hawes (Kurt J Lesker) looked at how the pressing challenges of workforce gaps, supply chain issues and more can be tackled with innovation.

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  • 00:10 - Paul Hetherington (Vistage UK) - Facing the Challenges Post-Brexit and Post-COVID: How Manufacturers Can Not Just Rise, But Thrive
  • 16:12 - Paul Cuttell (Viking Pump Hygienic) - Developing Atlas - An Agile Journey to Scaling and Future-Proofing our Business
  • 41:00 - Paul Hawes (Kurt J Lesker) - Enabling Technology and the “Manufacturing Skills” required to make it happen
  • 1:03:30 - Panel Discussion


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