Meet Chalk, Eastbourne's new digital community

This was going to launch as an in-person event in spring 2020, but...corona. So we're taking a new approach, and would like to introduce you to...

What is it?

Chalk is a new network for those interested in digital in Eastbourne. We want to build and shout about the locally based digital community that we have here.


A number of reasons.

  • We want to change the perception of Eastbourne to increase the number of digital businesses and individuals. We know Eastbourne's not the coolest kid on the block (at the moment!), but we have a great town with plenty to offer families and those escaping from the rat race. Eastbourne is a great place to live and work.
  • We want to provide a supportive network to help grow talent locally. Why should young people have to move away to Brighton or London to find work in the sector?
  • We know that digital companies in Eastbourne struggle to recruit, and we want to make that easier. Local, talented kids need to understand what digital jobs are out there and know there's a community to help with that. And experienced professionals need to know that Eastbourne shouldn't be disregarded as a viable option.

Although we're coordinating it, this isn't just a Switchplane thing, either. As cheesy at it sounds, we want everyone to work together in a coordinated effort for the greater good.

Who's it for?


If you're into "digital" and live or work in and around Eastbourne, then this community is for you.

You might work in a digital-based company, be in a digital job, work as a digital freelancer, be studying for a career in digital, own a digital company, or might simply be interested in what we get up to.

You might be a developer, graphic designer, digital marketeer, a technician, in a customer-facing role, a student, an all-round freelancer, or just love working on digital projects in your spare time.

Everyone is welcome.

We're not an exclusive club or anything stuffy or boring. We want you to enjoy being part of this.

Ok, I'm in. So what do I need to do?

Great! So...

  1. Sign up to our email newsletter here. We'll be sharing news and information on digital in Eastbourne every two weeks or so.
  2. Read the newsletter, send us stories and examples we can include. It's your newsletter, after all.
  3. Tell your colleagues and friends about us!

Cool, and that's it?

We've got lots of ideas and plans to build an online community whilst the coronavirus is still around.

The longer term aim, once COVID-19 is dealt with and events can happen again, is to get everyone together regularly for a digital conference, where you'll be able to meet, get to know one another in a relaxed environment, and listen to some great speakers.

Keep an eye out for updates on this in our email newsletters.

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