What does an ideal client look like?

“No job too small”. It’s a well-known phrase, often seen on vehicles used by local building and property maintenance contractors. Then there’s the somewhat optimistic version: “No job too small or large”. And finally: “Fully insured. All work guaranteed.”

Whether this strategy actually succeeds in attracting more customers is probably open to question. It may actually deter potential clients, suggesting as it does a kind of Jack-of-all-trades non-specialist approach.

But what about the digital industry?

Are similar tactics employed in the ongoing task of attracting new clients? Perhaps to an extent, but as digital agencies such as Switchplane don’t generally have vans, it has to be more subtle, often done online or through business networking, exhibitions and social media.

At Switchplane, we like to be honest with potential clients.

Sometimes we’ll have an approach from, for example, a one-man business, keen to improve their digital footprint and grow their reputation. However, if they are only looking for a small site with perhaps a few pages, such as About Us, Contact Us, a photo gallery and a few other bits and pieces, it may, realistically, be easier and cheaper for them to use an off-the-shelf package to create their first site.

The reason for this is one of scale: since Switchplane specialises in custom software, we have a disciplined approach to setting up a project, discussing requirements, prototyping, testing and implementing. This process could overwhelm our single entrepreneur, which would lead to frustration for both them and us. So it pays to be honest with people and explain what’s involved and how much it will cost.

We also have a few other idealised criteria that we consider when we look at a potential client, which would indicate a good match for partnership with us:

  • Ideal location: London and south-east based, usually within 90 minutes travel time. This was pre-pandemic; we’re now working with international customers too.
  • Number of employees: This depends to an extent on the type of business but, typically, around 10-20 office-based staff, i.e. not counting field-based employees
  • Revenue: £1m plus per annum, or growing rapidly (see below)
  • Attitude: We find we work best with clients who are:
    • Happy to delegate rather than dictate
    • Looking for a continuing relationship as opposed to a one-off project
    • Requiring help with scaling up
    • Financially well-informed but require advice on the financing of technical systems
    • Adaptable
    • Comfortable with digital technology and well used to close contact with computers and the internet, through use of mobile phones, tablets and similar devices
  • Growth: There are a number of factors that indicate this phenomenon. For example, a business might be:
    • Losing control of spreadsheets and unable to draw useful data from them
    • Turning away work
    • Working in a growing sector or a niche area
    • Working in a regulated industry where there is more box-ticking and inspection
  • Sales process: Is it too complicated or time-consuming?
  • Delivery and distribution: Error-prone? Overly complex?

So, how can we help with all this?

Switchplane’s focus on custom software means that we can tailor an online solution that exactly matches a customer’s needs. This enables them to focus their time and energy on driving forward your business rather than fire-fighting with a piecemeal selection of off-the-shelf utilities that will never live up to their impossible promises of freedom and flexibility.

We have a dedicated development team that follows strict project development plans, specifically designed to solve your business problems. We’ll always be honest and upfront about what can be achieved, how long it will take to deliver and how much it will cost.

Drop us a line, and find out how Switchplane can really help to take your business to a new level.

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