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Puzzled by what AI means for your business? Can you see its potential but don't know where to start?

If you’re not already looking at how AI can help your business, your competitors will be. So now’s the time to take action and get AI-ready.

Let us share our expertise with you and kick-start your journey to AI implementation.

AI Consultancy with Switchplane

At Switchplane, we harness the power of AI to bring about meaningful change for the humans within your business.

Meet with our senior developers for a three-hour consultancy session on business tech and AI. You’ll learn how to get the best out of your data so the people in your business can thrive.

We’ll discuss your business operations and strategic goals, before exploring the best applications of AI and the work you need to do to get there. We can help you create a roadmap to break down that overwhelming challenge of getting started and knowing where best to invest.

You’ll come away with tangible steps to get your business AI-ready.

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We are offering one-to-one AI consultancy sessions, in-person or online, with full focus on your business and use cases, for £1500+VAT.

To book, please get in touch with Sarah on 01323 505980 or email

Let's get your business AI-ready

Want to learn more about how to harness the power of AI for your business? Get in touch today.

Let's get your business AI-ready