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Our Business Process Mapping workshop is the
first step to getting started with custom software and AI 

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This Switchplane consultancy session involves our senior developers spending half a day with you to learn more about the processes across your business that keep your company moving. We’ll spend half a day on site with you, to discover where your pain points are, identify quick wins, and create a roadmap for systemisation.

Uncover your pain points

You may already have a gut feeling for problematic areas in your business - those reliant on one person, heavily manual, and/or boringly repetitive. Business Process Mapping exposes the true impact of such pain points, the cost-benefit of investing in tech, and the cost if no action is taken. We want to give you a clear idea of return on investment in tech.

Starting with the high-level “this is how you deliver the thing you get paid for”, we’ll drill down and uncover the steps to making this happen. Whether that’s receiving, transforming, or shipping your product, your order processes for goods or services, how you bill and get paid, or hiring and training the right staff for the job, we’ll map it out.

A first step forward

Whether you’re in firefighting mode, have a clear idea of the work that needs to be done, or simply know that you need to embrace digital for the future of your company, this session allows you to take that step back, look at your business objectively, and say, “yes, I’m taking that first step towards doing something about it”.

You’ll come away with a clearer idea of challenges and pain points to solve across your business and be free to tackle those however you feel is best.

Keen to get started?

For more information or to book your workshop session today, email sarah.cronk@switchplane.com.