Digital Marketing

Did you know the average time spent on social is 116 minutes a day? Social media usage is growing daily, and it is a great way for businesses to communicate with customers.

Any type of business can use social media and digital marketing services and at Switchplane, we offer more than most generic social media packages. We can give you short term fixes and plan & execute long term campaigns.


How much will it cost me?
We will sit down with you to explore how digital marketing could support your organisation's priorities, and then come up with a budget that is feasible for you. Prices start on average from £300pm.
What industries do you work with?
We have worked with a range of different industries including tourism, logistics, fashion, B2B and much more.
What types of things can you do?
You name it. Influencer campaigns, detailed social media advertising, content marketing, SEO, and Google Ads. It really depends on your business goals and what you want to achieve.