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Julia Case Study:
Customer-facing website with user area, accompanying app, ecommerce payments, digital marketing

“I love Julia! She goes everywhere with me in my pocket, invited to my meetings and she enables me to quickly record my CPD.”

Project Overview

Services Provided

Brochure website and custom software including: user accounts; ecommerce payments; app; customer support integrations, plus digital marketing and reporting

A little bit about Julia

Julia is Switchplane's own 'Saas' (Software as a Service) product. Julia was launched in 2020 following months of market research, development work and testing.

Julia aims to take the CPD nightmare away from Allied Health Professionals (AHPs); fourteen specialist healthcare professions including dietetics, occupational therapy, radiography, and paramedicine. AHPs need to be registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC), who audit 2.5% of their members' CPD activity every year.

Julia makes it easy for AHPs to record, reflect, and report on their CPD.

The Solution

Following reports of "I've got nowhere to keep my CPD", "my CPD ends up scattered all over the place", and "I forget what CPD I did" from AHPs in our market research group, Switchplane decided to tackle this problem head on and create a solution to remove these pain points from the CPD process.

Switchplane has created a website for AHPs where they can record, reflect, and report on their CPD, together with an accompanying app for recording CPD on the go.

As part of this process, Switchplane has integrated with SagePay to enable users to make regular monthly or annual payments for their subscription, and has created reports which cover the financial accounting of the product as well as provide the customer support and marketing teams with the data to allow them to assist users and help the product grow.

Switchplane has also made marketing support available to plan and progress the overall strategy and execution of bringing this new product to market.


Juliacanhelp.com consists of two components: the front-end brochure website to encourage the sales journey, and an area for users once subscribed and logged in.

In a user's account, they have an area where they can update their profile information, manage their subscription, and add their alternative email addresses.

Users can then add evidence of their CPD activity in text or photo form, or they can forward an email to be recorded directly in their Evidence area.

Once evidence has been uploaded, AHPs can reflect on their evidence in line with HCPC standards, thereby ensuring their CPD is audit-ready, should they be selected.

If selected for audit, AHPs can use the report builder to write their reports, select CPD evidence to include, and generate a file containing a PDF of their report, a csv file outlining their evidence and reflections, and their actual evidence records, ready for submission to the HCPC. Job done!

"Whoever thought up the idea in the first place to try and help us is a genius."


The Julia website has an accompanying app for Android and iOS devices. The app simply allows users to record their CPD evidence on the go; they can submit text and photo evidence to their account to later reflect and report on this. It saves the hassle of getting information from one device to another, and ensures that CPD evidence is stored in one central place.

Ecommerce payments and reporting

Switchplane has integrated with SagePay (Opayo) to enable customers to sign up for a regular monthly or annual subscription to Julia.

From the administration area, admins are able to see subscription payments due and those which have failed, view who is on active free trials, and view reports which show growth trends and annual recurring revenue.

These reports allow payment issues to be dealt with swiftly and also help with strategic planning.


Aside from the financial reporting functionality, there are various other reports to view user activity and types of evidence uploaded. This can help with specific user issues and also to assist and guide the development and marketing strategies.

Digital marketing

Marketing activity has had a huge impact on shaping the product that Julia is today. Ahead of the development cycles, market research among the target user group was carried out to find out what the software should really look like, as well as during the testing phases to see if the product was heading in the right direction.

Prior to the launch, a large email marketing mailing list was built up via social media and word of mouth outreach, enabling Julia to launch to a warm audience.

Since launch, the marketing strategy has helped shape the direction of the product, thanks to interactions and interest from corporate users.

Digital marketing is, and will continue to be, working closely alongside a cross-functional team to develop the product and grow its user base further.

Customer support integrations

Switchplane has integrated Zendesk into the Julia ecosystem, which enables the Julia team to have full oversight of customer interactions, be they through the website support pages or via social media. This also enables all interactions to take place on one platform and therefore streamline workflows.

There are also integrations with Switchplane's internal communication system, Slack, which notifies the team in case of any failed payments.

The future of Julia

We're really excited to see where the Julia journey goes next. The next steps for the project are focusing on growing reporting resources and functionality for corporate users and giving more power to HR teams to be able to support their employees with their CPD through Julia.

“Since starting to use Julia, I now have an organised up to date list of all my CPD activities, which I can reflect on in my own time.

It's really easy to add evidence anywhere, at any time and I can access all my CPD from one place; no more paper folders or trying to remember where I saved evidence. No more losing evidence.

Because it's so easy to record evidence, I am now capturing and recording more of my CPD than ever before.

Using Julia is helping me identify gaps in my CPD, as well as reminding me that so many activities that I already do in my day to day job can actually be recorded as CPD. Historically, I never recorded this as it took too much time.

I can email documents, presentations, certificates, reflections (i.e. anything!) as evidence and then access it from any device and any location.

The team developing Julia really listen to feedback and adapt Julia to make it user friendly and easy for clinicians to use on the go. Designed by clinicians for clinicians; built by IT experts.”

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