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Since the introduction of Apple’s app store in 2008, mobile apps have become an increasingly popular tool to streamline internal business operations, engage and communicate with customers, increase revenue, and gain an edge over competitors.

Apps are typically beneficial for businesses who:

  • Want to be able to communicate with their customers more effectively.
  • Want to reach a younger audience.
  • Need their customers to be able to access information offline.
  • Need their workforce to be able to access and update information offline.
  • Want easy-to-follow processes and information available to users.

The improvements to smartphone capabilities and network coverage has only fuelled the trend in increased demand for app development at Switchplane. Since the launch of our first client app a decade ago, our team of developers have worked with several clients across different industries developing apps customised to their business needs.

Grassroots Suicide Prevention - Stay Alive

  • 500,000+ app downloads across Apple and Android devices
  • The ‘Find Help Now’ feature is a catalogue of local and national suicide prevention and mental health resources. Users can search, or select their region, to find details of the services closest to them.
  • Customisable features for users - users can add valuable, reassuring photos, videos and audio clips to their LifeBox; a place to store positive, personal memories to reflect on in times of crisis.
  • Award-winning app (won a national Patient Safety Award for Using Technology and IT to Improve Patient Safety, and another for Innovation from the Sussex Clinical Commissioning Groups).
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British Airport Transfers

  • Customers can get a quote via the app based on their pick- up and drop-off locations. They see their route on a map with estimated journey time and distance. Customers can see their driver’s location in advance, so they know when to head to their hotel reception. Plus, customers can log into their accounts to make repeat bookings easier.
  • Simple administration for booking clerks - they can communicate these bookings easily with drivers via an app. All current driver locations appear on a large screen in the dispatch office. Bookings clerks can assign drivers to their closest pick-ups and handle last-minute bookings.
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Julia for CPD

Allied Health Professionals can record and upload their CPD activities on the go. Users can upload photos or documents, categorise and reflect on these. This helps ensure they have their CPD records up to date in readiness for audit by their governing body.

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Moody Sewage

  • App syncs data from those out on the road with the admin team in the office.
  • Tanker engineers use the app to view their diaries, record site information and save job images. They can also sign off waste transfer notes and complete their daily vehicle checks.
  • Service engineers have a full checklist of what assessments to make at each visit.
  • Engineers can see where they should be and when. They have details from the office staff who have spoken to the customer. They can view any access details or site peculiarities, and see what the job involves.
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HiWire Lift Services

  • Staff can schedule and complete their work on the go via a mobile app. Now, it’s easy to see what needs invoicing.
  • Engineers see where they should go next and press a button to record time on site. They work through a checklist whilst with the lift and sign it off, so the business owner knows when it’s ready to bill.
  • Checklists are carried forward from visit to visit, so engineers are aware of the state of the lift from the last visit and any remedial works carried out.
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LandCruise Motorhome Hire

  • Workshop staff use an app to check in a vehicle and track the cleaning and preparation process. They then mark the vehicle as ready. Office staff back in the office know the up-to-date status of a vehicle when the customer arrives for pick up.
  • The app has also helped to get rid of paper-based servicing. It records mileage, damage, and damp checks, as well as service checks on all areas of the vehicle.
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H&B Supplies

  • We created apps that warehouse staff can use to maximise their efficiency. Staff have clear workflows to follow and it's easy to train temp staff during peak periods.
  • The picking and packing app directs the team to the best stock locations and tells them how many boxes to pick. Once picked, the packing workflow lets staff verify and prepare orders for shipping.
  • The replenishment app's workflows ensure that picking locations remain fully stocked.
  • The goods-in app simplifies and speeds up the putting away of newly-arrived stock. Staff create purchase orders within the inventory system. When goods arrive, staff can select what to put away and link them to specific purchase orders. Once the goods are away, they are ready for sale. This app speeds up and completes the cycle of stock in the warehouse.
  • The information gathered within each app feeds back to office staff. They can check live movements of stock at the touch of a button, with full reporting capabilities.
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Littlewood Fencing

Time-consuming timesheets made easy - we developed a mobile-friendly area for fencers to use whilst on site. They record the work completed, sign off their day’s work, and submit it to their manager. The manager can then review and approve the digital timesheets, ready for the payment run.

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So why work with us?

Steve & Carrie
  • We are a local company and have been established for 20 years, so you can be confident we’re not going anywhere.
  • We have a dedicated and talented team who are all directly employed by us. Quality and tight control on project management are important to us, so we don’t outsource any work.
  • We work ‘agile’ which means you’re steering the development every step of the way to get exactly what you want.
  • We work in partnership with you and become your own development team for as long as you want us.

Any questions?

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