Hal and Dave 004: "Chalk”, muttered Dave

Chalk, our new network for digital in Eastbourne, launched at the start of July. We take it for a spin in our latest in the "Hal and Dave" series.

“Chalk,” muttered Dave inquisitively to himself.

Dave’s partner, Irma, looked up from her newspaper, topping up her coffee.
“What’s that love?”

“Oh, I was just reading about this new initiative from Switchplane, called Chalk. They’ve done a complete new Chalk website that explains it all. Basically, it’s about raising the profile of this area as a centre for digital excellence. It’s aimed at entrepreneurs, SMEs, colleges, techies looking for jobs, that kinda thing. Interesting - the idea that Sussex can be a great place for digital industry.”

“Why not?” said Irma. “If Cornwall can launch space rockets, why shouldn’t Sussex be a great digital workplace?”

“True. They’ve got this Chalk Talks thing, where you can do a kind of interview about how your business is boosting its digital footprint. This first series is focusing on how businesses dealt with coronavirus.”

“Chalk Talks? I love the name. So d’you fancy doing one then? Or maybe Hal?”
“I wouldn’t mind but I suppose Hal could do it. It’s not like it’s live,” Dave chuckled.

“No, though the unedited version might be quite funny!” Irma laughed.
“It might, but this is about improving our image as a user of digital, not ruining it.”

“That’s a bit mean.”
“Yeah, you’re right. I’ll talk to him in a bit. Maybe we could do a joint effort?”

“I look forward to that, darling.”
“You being sarcastic?”
“Would I be?” Irma answered, enigmatically. “Anyway, I have to go - I’ll see you later.”

Irma rose from her chair and, as she walked towards the front door, she raised her voice and called out, in the general direction of the staircase, “Jed, make sure you log on and do some school work, okay?”

“Okay, Mum,” came the faint, somewhat unenthusiastic, reply.
“And Dave, can you make sure Zephyra doesn’t sit in front of the TV all day?”
“Ok - bye,” replied Dave, sounding detached and thoughtful.
“S’pose I’d better call Hal and talk about Chalk.”

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