Cake Week

Each week one of the team bakes a spectacular (or not so spectacular) cake. So we made a little book... Buy your copy now for just £10 - all profits to St Wilfrid's Hospice in Eastbourne!

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Tom V's Chocolate Truffle Cake

On a scale of deliciousness from 1 to 10, this vegan chocolate truffle cake is off the charts.

14th Jun 2019

Donna's Double Choc and Cherry Cookies

The team loved these dark, chewy chocolate delights. Perfect with some coffee.

24th May 2019

Joel's Caramel Chocolate Sponge Cake

This cake has the wow factor with every bite drenched in caramel. A joy to eat.

7th May 2019

Geoff's Banana Loaf Brick

A vegan beauty comprising coconut, apple, banana and pecan nuts. A cornerstone of the cake world.

26th Apr 2019

Phil's Vegan Chocolate Zucchini Cake

This fudgy and moist vegan chocolate zucchini cake is the new carrot cake!

24th Apr 2019

Tom's Banana Cake

This succulent banana cake was a light, moist and fruity number.

5th Apr 2019

Tom V's Banoffee Cake

This indulgent banoffee cake has flavours that work beautifully together.

1st Apr 2019

Sarah's Vegan Ginger Cupcake

These didn't hang about long. Delectable, light and fluffy.

22nd Mar 2019

Lewis's Lemon Drizzle Cake

Debatably vegan lemon drizzle cake, featuring dairy substitutes and home chickened eggs.

15th Mar 2019

Donna's Apple and Raisin Cake

This vegan apple and raisin cake is a light treat for the Switchplane team.

22nd Feb 2019

Tom Vanner's Chocolate Cookies

These bad boys are dairy free and vegan.

1st Feb 2019

Phil's Vegan Chocolate Brownies

Gooey, nutty and seriously chocolaty, these vegan brownies are a total joy to eat.

18th Jan 2019

Tom's Double Banana Cake

What is not to like? It is vegan friendly and packed full of Bananas.

11th Jan 2019

Donna's Gingerbread Treats

Spicy gingerbread men and women, the ultimate Christmas treat.

12th Dec 2018

Sarah C's Delicious White Chocolate Cake

Christmas is early this year with a delightful white chocolate tree.

3rd Dec 2018

Steve's Red(ish) Velvet Cake with Cream Cheese Icing

Sublime, velvety, delightful and with a lightness to die for.

2nd Nov 2018

Tom's Carrot Cake

A delightful treat for all the team, full of carrots and sugary goodness.

30th Oct 2018

Phil's Vegan Chocolate Courgette Cake

A vegan chocolate and veggie delight, and super moist too...

26th Oct 2018

Donna's Pecan and White Chocolate Blondies

Packed full of pecan nuts, these blondies have a deep rich texture that compliment your morning cup of Joe perfectly.

13th Sep 2018

Gerard's Jumpin' Flapjacks

Delightful flapjacks all full of oaty goodness, and only 200 calories...

31st Aug 2018

Joel's Jackson Pollock Marble Cake

A swirly wirly marble cake with two different sponges and swirly wirly icing.

24th Aug 2018

Geoff's Chocolate Coconut Cake

A chocolate coconut cake with ganache topping (with a "twist" of passion fruit), finished with candied coconut flakes.

17th Aug 2018

Tom's Lemon Drizzle Cake

It's difficult not to demolish this classic in just one sitting, so why not make two at once?

27th Jul 2018

Joel's Frosted Walnut Layer Cake

A spectacular walnut cake is perfect for special occasions - with three layers there's sure to be a slice for everyone!

20th Jul 2018

Christian's Carrot Cake

Mmm. A classic carrot cake that goes down well for everyday baking and occasions.

20th Jul 2018

Phil's Grandmother of All Cakes

Handed down through countless generations, this is a classic light chocolate cake.

20th Jul 2018

Geoff's Rhubarb, Ginger and Custard Cake

This cake wouldn’t look out of place in the window of a French pâtisserie. Its tangy ginger and rhubarb flavours contrast nicely with the sweet custard layer and fluffy sponge.

14th Jul 2018

Gerard's Coconut Flapjacks

As Shakespeare probably said: "Come, biscuiteers and cakeologists all, and we'll celebrate and chew heartily on flap-jacks."

14th Jul 2018

Sarah B's Vegan Chocolate Caramel Popcorn Cake

This is a naughty, decadent cake with four layers of delicious cake and caramel-infused buttercream, with even more caramel on top!

13th Jul 2018

Lewis' Chocolate Cake in a Jar

All of the chocolatey deliciousness of a cake, but in a jar!

13th Jul 2018

Donna's Chocolate Orange Shortbread

This quick recipe ensures you'll aways have freshly baked biscuits to hand!

29th Jun 2018

Dean's Blueberry soured cream cake with cheesecake frosting

The blueberries in this recipe will burst in your mouth as you bite into your slice. The cake is delicious with a cup of tea, or served as an impressive dessert.

27th Jun 2018

Sarah C's Lemon Switchplane Checkerboard Cake

Sarah's multi-coloured cake comes in the Switchplane colours!

22nd Jun 2018

Tom V's Vegan Chocolate Cake with Mango Filling

A light and fluffy chocolate cake with a fruity filling - perfect for a summer party!

22nd Jun 2018

Donna's Orange Polenta Cake

This delicious cake is full of zingy flavour and the syrup makes it something really special – enjoy!

15th Jun 2018

Gerard's Sticky Choc 'n' Orange Flapjacks

Flappier than flapjacks.

8th Jun 2018

Steve's Chocolate Brownies

A foolproof brownie recipe for a squidgy chocolate bake.

18th May 2018

Tom's Cherry Bakewell

If you know someone who likes Bakewell tart, then they will just love this cake – it’s full of almond flavour and sandwiched with cherry jam.

4th May 2018

Tom's Marble Mars Cake

Chocolate, sugar, mars bars. What's not to like?

9th Feb 2018

Sarah B's Maple Syrup Choc Cake

Made with no sugar or eggs and whole wheat flour instead of plain - plus a ton of cocoa powder.

2nd Feb 2018

Lewis' Chocolate Glacier Shift sponge cake

The name comes from the propensity of chocolate fudge icing to move away from the cake - when the cake is still hot - and on to the worktop, just as glaciers eventually move into the sea, sped up by global warming - a major concern to penguins. As is the potential loss of chocolate fudge icing to a Switchplane Cakeologist. The remedy? To swiftly devour before the worst happens.

29th Jan 2018

Gerard's Chewy Coconut Chocolate Brownies

A fine collection of chocolate brownies. Precisely factored from butter, coconut, flour and chocolate.

15th Jan 2018

Martin's Russian Roulette Choc Crispies

Yes, a few of them were spiked with Instant Regret chilli chocolate. A number of the team were to be seen in Quenching mode, involving copious amounts of water.

13th Dec 2017

Tom's Double Shortbread

This buttery delicious delicacy just happens to be a favourite for our new Operations Manager Donna Fielder.

1st Dec 2017

Sarah B's Salted Caramel and Apple Cupcakes

Friday was Sarah's Cake Week. It was a special one because she's now got a cake mixer and weighing scale! So no more guesswork - not that we'd noticed at all with those other bakes she brought in.

28th Nov 2017

Lewis' Spicy Ginger Buttercream Sponge

Friday saw Lewis' cake week take centre stage, with a first foray into Xmas 2017! Here's his Xmas Spice cake, with a spicy ginger buttercream piled atop a sumptuous moist sponge.

17th Nov 2017

Tom's Christmas Ginger Biscuits

Festive ginger biscuits in an assortment of seasonal shapes.

23rd Dec 2016

Christian's Brown Brexit Cake

A chocolate fudge sponge cake.

15th Dec 2016

Michelle's Monster Chocolate Salted Caramel Cake

Michelle's Monster Chocolate Salted Caramel cake. Robust and confident, it was a cake of two halves. Two massive halves.

25th Nov 2016

Geoff's Coconut Chocolate Lime Cake

Geoff's Coconut Chocolate Lime cake is back by special request...

11th Nov 2016

GBBO's Andrew's Grandma's Chocolate Cake (by Phil)

A soft choc sponge is topped with chocolate, split and filled with chocolate and then decorated with shards of chocolate, reminiscent of a crazy city skyline. Lush raspberries complete this thing of beauty, which Phil said he found "easy". Now there's confidence!

3rd Nov 2016

Tom's Chilled Chocolate Cheesecake

A cool, refreshing, chilled chocolate cheesecake? Yes, Tom's done it again with this nutty thriller!

2nd Nov 2016

Tom's Mary Berry Fondant Fancies

Tom's taken on the challenge of Mary Berry's Fondant Fancies. A colourful rainbow of icing adorns these little cubes of light, golden, moist sponge, filled with generous blobs of soft cream fondant.

21st Oct 2016

Martin's Lemon Drizzle Cake

This one from Martin is, unusually, wider than it is tall. A delightful, bouncy, lemony creation, which he's topped off with a zesty zing of white citrus icing. Cheeky. Groundbreaking.

8th Oct 2016

Joel's Delectable Butterfly Cakes

Joel's floated in with these light, delectable butterfly cakes. A delicate vanilla buttercream spirals from the centre of a flyaway cushion of sponge.

23rd Sep 2016

Geoff's Apple, Lemon, Whisky, Chocolate, Nutmeg and Fennel cake

Don't you sometimes wish you could bloomin' well have all the things that YOU like - baked in a cake? Devil may care! It looks like Geoff's gone and done exactly that this Cake Week™! Sausage, chocolate and peanut butter? Nope. Raisin, spiced parsnip and Bacardi? Nope. Carrot, custard and Winter Pimms? No, but hmmm! How about apple, lemon, whisky, chocolate, nutmeg and ... fennel! Described rather generously by one of our Cakeologists as "complex", and by another as "clearly underdone", this is a cake for a dull, puddingy Autumn morning with which, accompanied by a large mug of tea, one may contemplate the joys and the miseries of this world. As Philip Marlowe might have said, "This dame was no fondant fancy. She was the kinda cake that just rolled in, heavy and solid, made herself at home, that I didn't have the guts to get rid of".

16th Sep 2016

Martin's Dark Chocolate and Blackberry Tart

A silky, stormy chocolate cream adorns a dark, autumnal, Oreo biscuit base, topped with a sharp tang of seasonal blackberries and clouds of chocolate shavings.

2nd Sep 2016

Dean's Rhubarb with Lemon Curd Cake

For this Cake Week™, daring Dean's combined his rhubarb with lemon curd to snatch awesomeness from the jaws of disaster.

12th Aug 2016

2 Cakes Geoff

It's been so long since Cake Week™ that I was beginning to think we'd never actually had one. Then suddenly two come along at once...! A courgette, pistachio and raisin cake and ... a courgette, walnut and chocolate cake!

5th Aug 2016

Tom's Mirror Cake

It's typically Tom - a sponge, with a jam/white choc mousse filling, topped with a mirror finish of green gelatine icing.

1st Jul 2016

Martin's Choccy Biccy Hazelnut Mash-up

This Choccy Biccy Hazelnut Mash-up is a dense, delightful, dreamy, creamy, utterly buttery, chewy, chocolatey, biscuity, nutty fantasy.

30th Jun 2016

Joel's oat, raisin and double-syrup flapjacks

A pile of tempting oat, raisin and double-syrup flapjacks! Chewy, moist, syrupy, oat confections of perfection. Shakespeare would certainly have approved.

3rd Jun 2016

Geoff's Maya Gold Chocolate Mousse cake with edible silk gold topping!

Featuring three whole bars of G&B top-notch choc and half a packet of butter, this flourless, velvety, intense moussy delight positively glisters under the fluorescent tubes of the Switchplane kitchenette.

27th May 2016

Christian's Malteaser Cake

This one should give you type 2 diabetes.

20th May 2016

Tom's Lemon Drizzle Cake

This is a wonderfully risen, moist and tender, citrus-infused beauty. Needless to say, it's been comprehensively scoffed, with the cake stand bearing just a smattering of lonesome crumbs.

6th May 2016

Phil's Carrot Cake

A hard-to-define carrot, cinnamon, vanilla, nutmeg, brown-sugar and pistachio affair topped with buttercream and shaved coconut.

29th Apr 2016

Dean's Oreo Cake

A delightful rich and chocolatey Oreo Cake.

22nd Apr 2016

Sarah B's Double-take Ginger Cake

Solid, dense and treacly and at the same time light and spongy.

18th Apr 2016

Joel's Cherry Almond Tray Bake

A restrained yet classic cherry and almond traybake! Sumptuous morello cherries are wrapped in a moist, tender sponge, topped off with nutty crisp flaked almonds and finished with a generous dusting of icing sugar.

8th Apr 2016

Geoff's Scon Mad

A back-to-basics bake of ... scones with jam and cream! He even used brown flour!

1st Apr 2016

Phil's Vegan Chocolate Sayonara cake with raspberries

Iit's a Vegan cake. Scary indeed! But, once tucked into, this cake has proved to be a moist, dense, fudgy beauty. A true office treat.

18th Mar 2016

Martin's Oreo truffles

A coconut, orange and carrot cake, followed with a generous serving of sumptuous, wickedly indulgent Oreo truffles smothered in white chocolate. Heavenly!

11th Mar 2016

Christian's Sugar Hit Sweet Shop Cake

A gorgeous, light vanilla sponge cake with raspberry filling and buttercream icing, all surrounded with a fence of KitKat sticks and topped off with a hefty dressing of peanut M&Ms and chewy Skittles.

26th Feb 2016

Dean's raspberry and coconut slice

A triumph of raspberries, a triumph of coconut and a triumph of slicing.

19th Feb 2016

Sarah B's Whoopie Pies

For this week's Cake Week™, we've enjoyed these wonderful whoopie pies from Sarah. A deeply chocolatey but not too sweet ball of sponge is split and generously filled with an unctuous, chewy, marshmallow filling, lightly dusted off with icing sugar. Truly, a delightful thing. Usually, when I think "whoopie", I quickly think "cushion"; the "real Bronx cheer"; the raucous laughter; the embarrassed smiles of the hapless grandparents; 50p well spent. Whoopie pies are just a bit more subtle. Smiles all round; and Bronx cheers to follow.

16th Feb 2016

Joel's Banana Cake

There's a whole lot of cakery out there that doesn't need the brown stuff, so this Cake Week™, we've given ourselves a good slap, come to our senses and taken a break from chocolate, which all of us (except Phil) would agree, is a thoroughly good thing. Yes, it's Joel's famous Cavendish banana and walnut loaf, another perennial favourite amongst the Switchplane cakeologists. But it could be the last as we know it! Various nasties such as Tropical Race 4 are threatening bananageddon. Does this cake have a future? Otherwise it'll be Bluggoe bananas from now on, and we wouldn't wish that starchy gagger on anyone!

8th Feb 2016

Geoff's Chocolate and Coconut Cake

We can't believe it's Cake Week™ again already - after just one week! On this occasion, the scrumptious joy is delivered by Geoff's Chocolate and Coconut cake with a hint of lime and chocolate mousse topping, replete with shards of crystallised coconut (recipe by Honey & Co, from their excllent baking book). Back by popular demand, the cake has now completed a hat-trick of appearances and every time we tuck into it, we're transported to a lush, tropical, palm-lined paradise for several minutes. Geoff assures us that he DOES know how to do other cakes and that next time perhaps he could do something that involves custard. We're not listening.

29th Jan 2016

Phil's Sainsbury's Star Cake

Mmm his best bake yet.

22nd Jan 2016

Martin's Chocolate caramel shortcake

Cake Week ™ 2016 continues a choccy biccy kind of theme with Martin's debut. His impressive chocolate caramel shortcake selection was well-received by the insatiable horde of Switchplane biscuiteers *, who've exercised impeccable restraint all week and thoroughly deserve today's indulgence. [*Biscuiteer: noun; one who possesses, by dint of extensive experience, authoritative judgement as to the colour, texture, flavour and eating qualities of a biscuit; a person who is likely to be consulted by the novice biscuit eater as to how he or she might impress their teatime guests with biscuits appropriate to the occasion; one who would never give house-room to something so vulgar as a "cookie". Example: "Ah Jeeves, there you are. You'll never guess what! I've spent some time downstairs with that flighty young thing from across the pond. We've come up with these rather jolly new-fangled triple-choc and raisin ... cookies, I think they're called. Some of the chocolate is white!". "Really, sir? How fascinating. I'm reminded, sir, that I was just on my way to replenish the bird-table and that later on, I have an urgent appointment with our biscuiteer. Do excuse me."

15th Jan 2016

Tom's chocolate peanut-butter squares

They're square, with chocolate. And peanut butter. And butter. And biscuits. What a start to 2016 Cake Week™!

8th Jan 2016

Tom's Huge Log

A huge pre-christmas yule log.

30th Nov 2015

Geoff's Coconut Cake

A firm favourite. This coconut, lime and chocolate cake has been baked to perfection.

16th Oct 2015

Dean's 'Fake' Carrot Cake

Fabulous, moist and totally yummy.

9th Oct 2015

Dean's Salted Caramel Cake Take 2

There are no words to describe this cake, only sounds.

19th Jun 2015

Sarah B's Hot Chocolate Cookies and homemade Jamie Oliver's Hot Chocolate.

Because who doesn't eat cookies with hot chocolate?

12th Jun 2015

Joel's Chocolate Brownies

Magical, chocolatey, rich and moist. And brown.

5th Jun 2015

Geoff's Hazelnut Muscovado Coffee Cake

Geoff is the master mixer of ingredients. Though we hear his mixer is now kapput!

29th May 2015

Geoff's Red and Black Currant Buns

We were lucky enough to get two kinds of cake made on this day!

29th May 2015

Phil's Deja Vu Cake or Gateau Familiaire

Phil likes to make chocolate cakes...a lot!

21st May 2015

Tom's Chelsea buns

One was just not enough, thankfully we had 4 each!

15th May 2015

Christian's Chocolate Malteaser Cake

This cake was so light it could have floated.

8th May 2015

Dean's Salted Caramel Chocolate (Winging It) Cake

Dean is pretty good at winging it!

1st May 2015

Sarah B's marshmallow and peanut butter brownie delight!

The amount of sugar used is classified information!

23rd Apr 2015

Joel's Banana and Honey Teabread

Did we hear someone say Tea?

17th Apr 2015

Geoff's Chocolate and Chilli Cake

Chocolate and Chilli makes the best combination. Mmm!

10th Apr 2015

Tom's Battenberg cake

It's our showstopper!

2nd Apr 2015

Phil's Nigella Lawson Orange Breakfast Muffins

The best fuel to start you off for the day.

27th Mar 2015

Christian's Giant Victoria Sponge Cake

On the day of the Solar Eclipse, this did a better job than the moon!

20th Mar 2015

Dean's Caketastrophe

Sometimes cakes go happens to the best of us.

13th Mar 2015

Sarah B's Caramel Ice Cream Cup Cakes

Was there ice-cream in this cake?

6th Mar 2015

Joel's chocolate eclairs

There we were, transported to a Paris bakery!

27th Feb 2015

Geoff's Spiced Pistachio Cake

Spice and nuts in a cake, it works like a dream.

20th Feb 2015

Phil's flourless chocolate brownie cake

Who says you need to put flour into a cake?

13th Feb 2015

Sarah B's Chocolate Brownie Eton Mess Meringue Pie

A good combination of deliciousness, moreishness .... meringueness.

16th Jan 2015

Tom's Giant Jaffa Cake

There should be a law to make all cakes supersized.

9th Jan 2015

Joel's Christmas Cake

It is Christmas after all.

19th Dec 2014

Christian's Chocolate Sponge Cake

Chocolate Cake is always a win win in this office.

12th Dec 2014

Dean's muffins from a Paul Hollywood recipe

These looked like they had jumped straight out of the recipe book.

5th Dec 2014

Geoff's Italian Apple Fruit Cake with no Flour


28th Nov 2014

Phil's Chocolate Armageddon Cake

It takes a brave person to take on this cake. Even Bruce Willis's drill rig team would struggle with this bad boy.

21st Nov 2014

Tom's All Butter Croissants

Why Tom can't make these for us every morning, I do not know?!

14th Nov 2014

Joel's Courgette Cake

It doesn't sounds right, but it was so right! YUM!

7th Nov 2014

Christian's Millionaire's Shortbread

We just knew this was going to taste good, just by looking at it. And after eating it, we felt filthy rich.

31st Oct 2014

Dean's Banoffee Cake

Banoffee in a cake, anything Banoffee and its gone in 5 seconds.

24th Oct 2014

Geoff's Date Cake

Some of the team are professional moonlight bakers!

17th Oct 2014

Phil's Chocolate Surprise Cake

Another chocolate mountain made by Phil.

10th Oct 2014

Tom's Coconut Special Cake

For a minute we were transported to a tropical island.

3rd Oct 2014

Joel's Frosted Walnut Celebration Layer Cake

Mouthwateringly good, a bowl of that icing could be a regular snack.

26th Sep 2014

Christian's Carrot Cake

A traditional favorite, that never fails to please.

19th Sep 2014

Dean's Chocolate and Nut Cake

The only issue was that we didn't have one of these cakes each.

12th Sep 2014

Geoff's Custard and Pear Cake

Baked to absolute perfection.

5th Sep 2014

Phil's Chocolate Wagon Cake

There is a cake there somewhere. Once we found it, it was amazing! We still don't know who ate the wagon.

29th Aug 2014

Tom's Mars Bar Cake

500 Mars bars were used to make this cake.....

22nd Aug 2014

Joel's Jammy Sponge Cake

A jammy good delicious cake!

15th Aug 2014

Christian's Thornton's Triple Layer Chocolate Celebration Cake

Christian! No complaining about the cake though. No doubt Thornton's will appreciate the privilege of a mention on this page.

8th Aug 2014

Dean's Orange Cake

Just the right amount of citrusy zing!

1st Aug 2014

Geoff's Nigel Slater Pear Cake

Not just pears but pears with honey, chocolate and ground almonds!

25th Jul 2014

Phil's Chocolate Log Cake

Yes this is a cake!

18th Jul 2014

Tom's Strawberry Sponge Cake

Same again tomorrow?

11th Jul 2014

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