Helping local businesses survive the virus

At Switchplane, we’ve always been passionate about solving problems and supporting innovation. Right now, businesses need to be thinking of creative ways to meet the challenges presented by COVID-19.

Whether you are looking to move your business online, work efficiently remotely, or fundamentally restructure how you offer your products and/or services, we’re here to help. Whatever your ideas, it’s likely that technology will be an important aspect to making it a success.

We can offer you advice on a broad range of technical solutions from building an online brand to creating a bespoke platform to help you manage your business.

We’re offering free online consultations to all local businesses to discuss your ideas and the technology required to make them a reality. We'll try to understand your specific issue and advise on instant, off-the-shelf solutions.

How it works

  1. Get in touch via our contact form with a brief outline of your main goals or ideas
  2. We’ll get in touch and arrange a free telephone or online call
  3. During the call, we’ll seek to understand your main business goals and may be able to offer immediate advice on off-the-shelf solutions
  4. If appropriate, we’ll follow up with a call to discuss further

To request a callback, please complete the form here.

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Hey! We are Switchplane and we help businesses save time and money by building them custom software. This can be anything from a job management portal to a complex ecommerce solution. Want to find out more?

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