Brexit: Can custom software ease the divide?

We get it. You’re sick of hearing about Brexit. It’s “done”. But what impact will Brexit have on your overseas trade? How does your company plan to cope with the bureaucratic changes? Perhaps custom software can help.

We don’t want to get too far into the political nitty-gritty, but here are some changes you may need to consider - and possible solutions.

As the UK will no longer be following the EU’s rules on product standards, businesses will need to prepare for new procedures at ports. This may lead to disruption if the new paperwork is incomplete.

For example, haulier drivers will still need to travel with their Driver CPC; UK drivers working for an EU business should exchange their UK CPC for an EU Driver CPC. Drivers will need to carry a Green Card, their vehicle registration documents and VE103 if using a hired vehicle, the relevant operator licences and ECMT permits, as well as their passport with at least 6 months' remaining validity. Depending on how much time hauliers spend abroad, they may need a visa if they are spending more than 90 days in any 180-period within the EU. At present, HGVs leaving England for France can only cross the Channel with evidence of a negative COVID test in the past 72 hours too. This site outlines all of the current guidance for transporting goods commercially between Great Britain and the EU.

Given the amount of guidance to follow, it may be useful to consider a digital solution to this for your company, which could allow you to keep track of document statuses, time abroad, COVID testing, and make this documentation stress-free for you and your staff and customers. Creating a streamlined process - perhaps via a customised web portal or app for your company - can ensure your staff have easy access to the relevant information for themselves, their vehicles and the shipped goods.

You may also need to consider possible changes involved in the proof of origin for your goods. This could mean that you require greater oversight and control of stock based on its country of origin, from receipt in your warehouse through to dispatch. Your inventory system may be able to help you keep track of the movements of particular goods in your warehouse. If it doesn't, it would be useful to consider this digital addition to your business in order to ensure your confidence in meeting regulatory criteria and ability to keep on top of the paperwork.

Selling abroad globally is a complex matter in terms of accounting too: once you’re selling significant volumes overseas, you’ll need to start supplying VAT returns to those countries. Keeping accurate up-to-date information on tax rates and currency exchange rates for all of those countries can also be a headache, especially when you need to bring this information into your accounting software too.

The UK government provides a tool to generate a personal checklist of changes you may need to consider following Brexit, so this is worth running to generate your specific action points.

But do not fear! There are easy solutions to all of this through custom software to help ease the bureaucracy of Brexit.

At Switchplane, we have significant experience and expertise in working on web-based software and apps to help with all of the above issues.

We can make software talk to other software and automate processes. We can streamline workflows so your teams don’t get bogged down in bureaucracy and paperwork. We can gather information on products across your warehouse, or even on tax rates from across the world and bring this to your fingertips. And help you do all of this on the go for a mobile workforce.

“Take back control” and take a step forward this New Year by contacting us to see how we can help you save time and money through custom software.

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