Super strong passwords that are easy to remember

When you think about strong passwords, what comes to mind? Something like the following perhaps?

However, that password is impossible to remember. It's no wonder that people adopt poor practices like using simpler passwords or writing them down on post-it notes attached to their monitor.


"But wait", I hear you cry, "doesn't it need to be all random and stuff?"

Not entirely, since password strength is dependent mostly on length. It's better to have a long password that's easy to remember so that you're not tempted to write it down.

Here's a simple method to create a password that's super strong and that will satisfy most password requirements.

  1. Use this random word generator to pick five words. These must be random - avoid words that "mean" something to you. automatic constellation portrait realism
  2. Add some numbers:
    automatic constellation portrait realism 1966
  3. Add some punctuation:
  4. Add some upper case letters:

What is password strength?

Password strength depends on something called entropy. In computer science, entropy is a measure of predictability. A password with high entropy has low predictability, making it difficult to guess. Entropy depends on the number of possible passwords that can be created with a particular method of generation. Longer passwords combined with the presence of punctuation, numbers, and uppercase letters increase the number of possible passwords which increases the entropy and the password strength.

The entropy of the above method is at least 90 bits, yielding a password that would take trillions of millenia to guess, but it takes only a few minutes to memorise.

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